Available Wed - Fri 12pm - 3pm



House-made daily with whole pasteurised eggs and Italian milled 00 flour

1. Choose your Pasta: Casarecce / Tagliatelle / Spaghetti / Gnocchi

2. Choose your Sauce:

AGLIO, OLIO E PEPERONCINO Garlic, EVOO, parmesan, chilli, parsley

ARRABBIATA Garlic, tomatoes, chilli, EVOO

BOLOGNESE Tomato sauce, veal and pork mince

MELANZANE Tomato sauce, eggplant, basil, pecorino

NAPOLI Tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes and basil

PESTO Basil, Garlic, Pine Nuts, Parmesan, EVOO, Cracked Pepper

RISOTTO Mixed wild mushroom, porcini, parmesan


Mix leaves, tomato, olives, cucumber, house-made dressing with your choice of Grilled Chicken / Crumbed Chicken / House-cured Salmon


House-made woodfired bread roll served with a side of Chips or Salad

AMANO PANINO House-made porchetta, Sauerkraut, Provolone, smokey BBQ and Mayonnaise sauce

CHICKEN PANINO Chicken Schnitzel, Slaw, Provolone, Mayonnaise

VEG PANINO Basil Pesto, Grilled Eggplant, Zucchini, Capsicum, Rocket

À la carte MENU

Available for Lunch Sat-Sun from 12pm
& Dinner Tue - Sun from 5.30pm


Selection of Italian cured meats and artisan cheeses, olives and woodfired bread 20 / 38

Selection of artisan cheeses served with seasonal fruit and woodfired bread 18 / 35

House-made woodfired bread 6

Olives 8

Sopressa Mild 8

Prosciutto Di Parma 12

Burrata 8

Parmesan 8

Gorgonzola 6


Naturally risen for 48 hours, 100% handmade & cooked Neapolitan style in our wood-fired oven from Naples. Pizzas are 33cm, cut into 8 slices.

GARLIC & CHEESE Garlic, fior di latte, EVOO 18

MARGHERITA San Marzano tomato, fior di latte, basil, EVOO 18

PEPPERONI San Marzano tomato, fior di latte, pepperoni 21

BUFALINA San Marzano tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, EVOO 24

DIAVOLA San Marzano tomato, fior di latte, salami, chilli 21

GAMBERI San Marzano tomato, garlic, Australian prawns, rocket, capers, EVOO 26

PROSCIUTTO San Marzano tomato, fior di latte, cherry tomatoes, rocket, prosciutto di parma, parmesan, truffle oil 25

CAPRICCIOSA San Marzano tomato, fior di latte, ham, mushroom, artichoke, olives 24

QUATTRO SALUMI San Marzano tomato, fior di latte, pork & fennel sausage, salami mild, prosciutto di parma, ham, basil 26

NAPOLETANA San Marzano tomato, anchovy, basil, oregano, capers, garlic, EVOO 21

PATATE E SALSICCIA Potato, rosemary, pork & fennel sausage, parmesan, EVOO 24

FRIARIELLI Fior di latte, pork & fennel sausage, Rapini, sautéed mushrooms, EVOO 23

VERDURE Fior di latte, char-grilled eggplant, capsicum, zucchini, sautéed mushrooms 23

CALZONE San Marzano tomato, fior di latte, ricotta, salami mild, black pepper 23


ARANCINI Saffron arborio rice, mozzarella, parmesan, provolone, gorgonzola 3 ea

PANZANELLA Burrata, cherry tomato, woodfired bread, olives, roasted capsicum, spanish onion, house-dressing 18

GARLIC PRAWNS Australian large Tiger prawns (3), cherry tomato, garlic and chilli sauce served on woodfired bread 18

CALAMARI FRITTI Golden fried Australian loligo squid, tartare sauce, lemon 15 / 28

OCTOPUS GRIGLIA Australian chargrilled baby octopus and baby calamari served with radiccio, witlof leaves, pomegranate 20 / 38

BEEF CARPACCIO Thinly sliced rare grain-fed beef fillet, rocket and parmesan 18 / 32


House-made daily with whole pasteurised eggs and Italian milled 00 flour

SPAGHETTI FRUTTI DI MARE Mussels, prawns, vongole, fish, calamari, cherry tomato, chilli 30

TAGLIATELLE AI GAMBERI Australian Tiger prawns, cherry tomato, basil, garlic, chilli 30

TAGLIATELLE BLUE SWIMMER CRAB Blue swimmer crab meat in a rich creamy sauce 30

TAGLIATELLE CHESTNUT Chestnut flour pasta with sautéed porcini, pork sausage, chilli 28

CASARECCE AL RAGOUT Slow cooked duck, parmigiano regiano 28

RISOTTO Mixed wild mushroom, porcini, parmesan 28

TAGLIATELLE ALLA CARBONARA Pancetta, bacon, egg, parmesan, pecorino, pepper 27

GNOCCHI Pan fried with burnt butter, pancetta, sage, parmesan 27

SPAGHETTI PESTO Basil, garlic, pine nuts, parmesan, EVOO, black pepper 26

CASARECCE NAPOLI Tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes and basil 26


LAMB RACKS 4 point lamb rack, rosemary juice, char-grilled polenta and spinach 42

VEAL COTTOLETA Panko crumbed veal rib eye, green beans 35

PORCHETTA Roman style rolled pork belly, rosemary jus, sauteed radicchio 32

STEAK Scotch fillet 300g, green beans, red wine jus 38


Green leaf salad 10

Seasonal greens 13

Creamy mash potato 13

Rosemary potatoes 10

Polenta: Chips or Char-grilled 9

Beer battered chips 6



Margherita 12

Garlic & Cheese 12

Margherita with Ham 14

PASTA: Spaghetti / Tagliatelle / Casarecce / Gnocci

Butter & Parmesan 10

Napoli 10

Bolognese 12

Calamari and Chips 12

Chicken Schnitzel and Chips 14


CANNOLI Ricotta Fillings: Rosemary and honey / Vanilla / Chocolate 3 ea

TIRAMISU Savoiardi, St Dreux coffee, amaretto liqueur, mascarpone, cocoa 18

PAVLOVA Meringue topped with fruit and whipped cream 18

PANNA COTTA Moulded chilled cream with vanilla bean and fresh berries 12

CREPES SUZETTE Caramelised sugar & butter sauce, Grand Marnier liqueur, icing sugar 14

NUTELLA PIZZA Hazelnut spread, icing sugar (with strawberries, vanilla icecream + $6) 18

GELATO/SORBET by Giotto Gelato 5 per scoop

GELATO Vanilla bean / Hazelnut / Choc mint / Biscottino / Passionfruit SORBET Lemon / Raspberry